• Kiln Dried Firewood, Bulk Bag - 1.2 m3

 THE VERY BEST QUALITY FIREWOOD!       ***Only 25cm standard size is available at the moment

  Kiln Dried Firewood gives easier lighting and a cleaner chimney,  on a stove you have vast control with a higher heat at a lower air setting and clearer screen.  On an open fire it lasts for the same as a standard log but gives more heat, a better flame and much less smoke and spitting.

We process our own Kiln Dried Logs and hold large stocks in our moisture controled warehouse.

Size Guide

25cm logs for stoves under 6kw or small open fires

25cm Chunky Logs for medium stoves or large open fires used over coal.

35cm Logs for larger stoves.

35cm Chunky Logs for large stoves and longer burn time.

35cm logs for stoves over 6kw



Bulk Bags are approx 1.2m3. Deliveries are craned off at the side of a transit size van as near as possable for you to stack.  We do provide a stacking service into your log store (at extra cost). A refundable bag deposit applies.


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Kiln Dried Firewood, Bulk Bag - 1.2 m3

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