Fosse Way Fuel Supplies Privacy Policy

As a small family concern, we only hold the minimum data to support you in any further orders or communications with us.

Only the minimum cookies are used to enable the site to function for our website standard operation. Card payments are securely handled by WorldPay.

Fosse Way Fuel Supplies is committed to provide more transparent, clear, consent-based information management and security.

Data Privacy

  1. We gather only data we need for our relation with you
  2. We keep your data private and secure
  3. We use your data only for our own processing and identification purposes aimed at helping you with the product you've purchased from us
  4. We may use your email to contact you based on your consent

This is what we don't do with your data:

  1. We are not sharing your data with any third parties except for the execution of a payment where we use World Pay. (See World Pay)
  2. We are not processing your data via non-SSL connections
  3. We are not reselling your data
  4. We are not monetizing your data

Should you have any questions related to your data feel free to reach out to our Data Protection Officer at or give us a ring  (0) 1664 424 161

World Pay (Our Payment Gateway)

In order to use world pay we must send certain information to world pay.

We don't have or receive any Credit Card details.


We are committed to comply with the EU's GDPR hence we are explicitly stating the following options for you to control and delete your data with us.

we won't put any non-essential cookies in your browser.

Should you have any questions related to your data feel free to reach out to our Data Protection Officer at

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Strict: Functional Cookies

We use a server session cookie to allow the login and purchase experience on our website. We may use also a cookie to store your cookie preference choice.

Non-strict: Analytics Cookies

We don’t use any Analytics Cookies

Non-strict: Marketing, Retargeting, Social Networks, other cookies

We don’t use any Marketing, Retargeting, Social Networks, other cookies.

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