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How To Use Your Stove Properly!

Here is a few pointers to use a multi fuel stove most efficiently:

1    Do not keep cleaning out the ash from your grate, always leave an inch layer.

2    When burning timber use the air wash only (down the glass) with the primary (through the grate) closed. Remember Timber Top!

Burning smokeless fuel is the other way round.  Use the primary only.  Only use both air supplies when starting.

If you are using good wood and controlling it well you should end up with three layers. First an inch or so of ash, then a good thick layer of charcoal from the previous logs and then on top your log layer.

Commercial and Retail Sales

We offer excellent rates with a great service to regular commercial pizza ovens, restaurants and pubs.   

We can supply retail outlets, shops, farm shops etc. with firewood, kindling and lighters in small quantities to a full truck load.

We are always interested in working with new stove retailers, installers and chimney sweeps and offer large discounts for shop stove use, trial packs and retail.

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