Our Quality Guarantee

Our Quality Guarantee

We aim to deliver you the best products and service.  If for any reason we should fall below your expectations please let us know as soon as possible so we can rectify it.

All Firewood:

  •  Will contain usable sized logs. If there are any logs that are too large for your fireplace or stove, let us know how many on your next delivery and we will exchange them.
  • Our firewood is mixed hardwood timber species.
  • All firewood sold in Bulk and Barrow bags has a quality control tag where we record the moisture content of the timber (tested at random on the outside of the log) and the date tested.


Kiln Dried Firewood: 

  • Will be less than 25% moisture (usually 10-15%). To maintain high quality, this firewood is stored in one of our moisture controlled warehouses.
  • Due to the very dry nature of the kiln process you will always get far more ‘brash’ than air dried logs, this is due to the extra dry timber and shrinkage. This does not reduce the amount of logs that are in the bag it just fills the spaces between a little more. If you don’t use the brash yourself, leave it in the bag and we will run it though our warehouse heater!
  • Kiln dried should spit less, but we cannot guarantee against this.
  • The process of kiln drying kills most if not all insects even if there are bore holes etc. still visible.

Air Dried Firewood:

  • Will be less than 25% moisture (usually 15-20%). Please note that if it is raining when we pull the firewood from the pile it may get externally wet.  If you test the moisture in these conditions it will show a higher reading.  Once stacked and aired for a few days it will return to normal.
  • As this wood has been split long ago, it will never be as clean as kiln or freshly split wood.  It may have dust, webs, etc.

Standard Firewood:

  • This is our pot luck firewood sold for you to store and dry yourself so it could be newly felled timber or nearly ready for burning.  We have not dried these ourselves so there is no moisture guarantee on this product.
  • It is rare, but this firewood can occasionally contain insects, which will die as the timber dries out.